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"Once a Warbler, always a Warbler!"

Warblers, OH YEAH!
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Community dedicated to the actors that portrayed the Dalton Academy Warblers on Fox's Glee

(Banner Credit: lustnachleben )

Warblers_OHYEAH, The first community and Twitter dedicated to The Warblers!
We officially opened our gates on June 26, 2011 & hope to bring all the fans together!

"Once a Warbler, always a Warbler!" -Curt Mega

We Are:

Fans discussing everything surrounding the talent that is the actors/musicians portraying The Dalton Academy Warblers from Fox's hit TV series Glee. Included in The Warblers is Tufts University's Beelzebubs, who are the recorded voices behind the hit songs. They deserve as much credit as the guys we see on the show. Of course, we can't forget Pavarotti, the original Warbler.

Warblers_OHYEAH Twitter
Warblers OHYEAH Tumblr

Grant Gustin's Runaways Facebook Group
Grant Gustin's Runaways Twitter

Do & Do Not:
Please read all of the community's rules below. Rules are subject to change if problems should arise. The mods will give clear announcements of changes as they occur.

Join Us:
Membership is currently open to everyone, the majority of news posts are public.
Anything exclusive to the community, such as downloads, discussions, Warbler Wednesdays, FotM and contests are friends locked.

Introduce Yourself:
All new members, please refer to The Introduction Post, so we can get to know you.

Warbler Wednesdays, go wild!:
Warbler Wednesdays are our weekly discussion posts (Wednesday-Wednesday). During the week, you may discuss topics freely in this post, including non-Warblers and fanfiction (see below), with exception of bashing and anything that we deem inappropriate.

When posting:
WARBLER CENTRIC. We know that Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are considered Warblers, however there are many other communities dedicated to them and the rest of the Glee cast. Try not to post anything Darren Criss/Chris Colfer centric, unless it is in Warbler Wednesdays or unless it directly involves the other Warblers.

FANFICTION: Fanfiction links/recs are only allowed in the comments of Warbler Wednesdays. Please be clear that you are linking to Fanfiction though. Let's try to avoid "awkward story time," yes?

NO BASHING: Negativity will NOT be tolerated, of members in the community, your mods, The Warblers or anyone/anything affiliated with The Warblers. Be adults. If you can not act like an adult, you will be banned.

DOWNLOADS: If you can buy it, don't post it. If it's on iTunes/Amazon, don't post it as a free download here. However, you may post live versions. We often gift downloads of various songs by the actors, so look out for that! :)

SPOILERS: Spoilers regarding upcoming Glee episodes should be behind a cut with a warning. There is also a tag for spoilers.

MEMBERS LOCK: Any type of download needs to be locked to members of the community. Spoilers need to be locked. There is an option to do so at the bottom of your post. Anything exclusive to the community such as Warbler Wednesdays, Discussion Posts, Fan of the Month, contests and any of the mods' personal pictures/videos from shows will also be locked. General news posts are open to everyone. No worries if it doesn't get posted correctly or if you have questions, your mods will gladly help you out.

CREDIT: Credit and name your sources! If something gets posted without your permission and you are the rightful owner and do not wish for it to be posted, please contact heyrachdisco . We're not here to upset anyone! :)

TAGGING: Tag all of your entries as appropriate! There are tags stored for your use. IE) Kinfolk 9 news would be tagged as "Jon Hall." If you feel that there needs to be an additional tag, then comment on the Beam-A-Mod page and we'll get it added.

LJ-CUTS: Anything with large text, pictures and/or videos need to go behind a cut. Info on what a lj-cut is and how to use it: LJ's FAQs on cuts.

PROMOS: Please post in the PROMOTIONS POST. Projects for any of The Warblers such as scrapbooks or videos may still be posted individually (be sure to tag as ideas/projects.)

The actors are:
Check out the PRIMER POST.
Brock Baker
Dominic Barnes (as Trent)
Nelson Beato
James David
Luke Edgemon (as Flint)
Nolan Gerard Funk (as Hunter)
Grant Gustin (as Sebastian)
Jon Hall (as the Beatboxing Warbler)
Matt Hall
Joey Haro
Cord Jackman
Telly Leung (as Wes)
Riker Lynch (as Jeff)
Titus Makin (as David)
Chris Mann
Eddy Martin (as Thad)
Curt Mega (as Nick)
KC Monnie
Aaron Page
Steven Skyler
Jaymz Tuaileva
Pavarotti (as himself)
The Beelzebubs (as the vocal arrangements)

Season 6 Warblers
Remi Bakkar
Austin Brue
J.P. Dube
Nick Fink
Ryan Grainger
Parker Harris
Jake Landgrebe
Alex Mentzel
Myko Olivier (as Head Warbler)
Mason Trueblood
DJ Vinom
Jordan Ward
Max Wilcox

...Let me know if I forgot anyone!

Comment on the Beam-A-Mod post if you have any questions, concerns or other comments that needs a Mod's attention.

We are in no way affiliated with Fox, Glee or any of The Warblers actors, however we are proud to be partnered with these other amazing Livejournal communities! If you'd like to be affiliated with us, you may request so on the Beam-A-Mod post

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