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21 January 2015 @ 01:35 am
Chris Mann #RememberMe  

Chris Mann's #RememberMe is more than just his latest song, it is a voice for those that have lost their own.

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A friend (Cash Colligan) recently posted on his Facebook how he wished people would stop trying to capture every moment through their camera lens and just live in the moment because of how much more beautiful and powerful it would be. I half agreed with his words because society has become completely consumed by media and we need to learn to live in the moment more.
Let's face it, some moments are best expressed live in action, rather than on camera.

However, I grew up with a Grandmother who was bed ridden with Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's. She never knew who I was, even though I visited her each week for many years in the Nursing Home she had to be in. She only ever remembered my Grandfather (who visited her daily) and my dog (who also visited frequently.) She passed away not long after my Grandfather did, but spent each day until then asking why my Grandfather wasn't visiting.

I watched my other Grandmother suffer through Dementia and she was constantly lost and confused. She lived with my family for a bit before things got worse with her Dementia and overall health. During that time, my mom, Grandmother and I went through her old photographs and put them in a scrapbook. We asked her about those moments in her life and she could recall almost every one of them because of the photos.
Those photographs were everything.

I personally take a lot of pictures now in my youth because I fear that someday,
those photographs will be all that's left to remember myself, my family and my wonderful life by.

Photographs are certainly not a cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia and we have a long way to go before there is one, so every download, like, follow & ounce of support that you can give to the #RememberMe campaign and Cure Alzheimer's pages will be a step in the right direction.

- Rachel, @heyrachdisco

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